CBC Branding

My answer to a brief set by Central Bedfordshire College to redesign their logo in light of the changing face of the physical aspects of the organisation, such as buildings and equipment. In this answer I embraced the fun aspects of the college to aim the branding towards their younger audience. In order to show the client how the brand can be rolled out, I created a series of applications such as advertising and style of photography. I also give an idea of what the logo would look like against some of its competitors. This was my alternative design for the client to consider. This focuses on where the college is now in regards to its community and local business support and connections. The corporate style of the logo lends itself well to how the college utilises its current logo. As with the first design I replicated a series of applications to enable the client to clearly see the comparison between the two logos. In this case I showed more promotional applications, portraying the diversity of the logo in terms of meetings and networking events.

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