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As part of end of year exhibit while in level 5, I designed the exhibition poster. Using the fact that Central Bedfordshire college’s art department doesn’t have the biggest budget, everything is a mess with paint everywhere and mannequins acting as coat hangers as well odds and ends of home made device littering the place such a home made Nerf guns, I worked with a photographer and an Illustrator to build a parody image of the painting “La Liberté guidant le peuple” originally painted by Eugène Delacroix The messiness of the art and design studios reflected the revolution battle fields and the way the student constantly wandered about covered in paint produced a likeness of the soldiers. The strongest connection I could see between the two (aside from the mess) was that, despite the budget issues and the cuts, our poky little college was leading the way in the education tables locally in art and design plus the media areas too. The humour that was captured by the image is a clear indicator of the humour that passed around the department and studios.

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